Young, dreadlocked or tattooed in nigeria?

Grace Moore asked a question: Young, dreadlocked or tattooed in nigeria?
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It is not a secret that Nigerians tend to associate the wearing of dreadlocks and/or the etching of tattoos on the skin, especially by young people, as a form of immorality.

Nigeria Police for Lagos State has said that young young people wearing dreadlocks and tattoo on their body have a high chance of getting arrested because it is "Tattoo and dreadlock is strange to our culture", DSP Bala Elkana defends police harassment.

The Lagos State Command of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has warned the youth to desist from carrying dreadlocks and tattoo or risk arrest due to its connection with cultists. This was contained in a

Young men have been on the receiving end of brutality at the hands of men of the police force because of how they look. In this piece, the young and hip share their tales of horror. | Pulse Nigeria

In south eastern Nigeria, the Igbo call them “ezenwa” or “elena”. In Yoruba mythology, Dada is the son of Yemoja, the goddess of the sea, wealth, procreation, and increase. Dada is said to ...

“T attoo and dreadlock dey strange to our culture, especially for Nigeria,” says DSP Bala Elkana, a spokesperson for the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) while reacting to the extra-judicial killing of Kolade Johnson, a young Nigerian.. Kolade, a father of one, was shot dead by Ogunyemi, who served in the Anti-Cultism Unit of Lagos State Police Command. The 36-year-old youth was killed by the police in the Mangoro area of Ikeja, Lagos on the last day of March, when he went to watch a football ...

In Nigeria, dreadlocks are entangled with beliefs about danger. A grown man wearing his hair in dreadlocks is bound to attract attention in Nigeria. And it’s not always positive attention. Many ...

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Dreadlocks, also locs, dreads, or in Sanskrit, Jaṭā, are rope-like strands of hair formed by locking or braiding hair. Dreadlocks are controversial and commonly a flashpoint of cultural appropriation, but the style is demonstrably global and ancient and multicultural. Even the name is controversial, having negative and colonial connotations.

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