Your opinion on piercings?

Lempi Denesik asked a question: Your opinion on piercings?
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🔥 What's your opinion of piercings?

Piercings are prone to infection, as well as destroying certain acupuncture & acupressure points - they can easily be torn out which can be quite painful as well as disfiguring, many piercings are prone to "growing out" - eyebrow piercings, navel piercings & nipple piercings, I'm glad I took mine out.

🔥 Guys, opinion on belly piercings?

What Guys Said (11) Belly piercing. Its super hot if she's got the abs to complement the belly piercing. Wise4myage | 1.7K opinions shared on Guy's Behavior topic. Pierced belly buttons are a huge turn on for me. Dchrls78104 | 987 opinions shared on Guy's Behavior topic. All piercings spoil the appearance of the body.

🔥 What's your opinion about tattoos?

Now that the world is changing to be more liberal and artistic and creative than ever before. The opinion on tattoos change with this. I found it wrong how some people couldn't even get a job because a tattoo was "unprofessional". A tattoo could be a reminder of a battle fought, a scar when times were tough, a sign of creativity and freedom.

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I think piercings are totally fine :) but I don't think that stretching different parts of your body (not including ears) is very appropriate. I've seen a picture of a guy with stretched cheeks. You could see through his face on both sides. I don't know how he even was able to eat and drink... Sep 13, 2014.

What is your opinion on piercings? Follow Question; 1 Great Question; Asked by blueberry_kid (5952) December 9th, 2011 I honestly love getting piercings. Too bad I only have four. I’m trying to convince my mom to let me get my lip, nose, and bellybutton pierced. But, NO! It’s un-attractive. PSSH! ...

Okay, maybe not an opinion. Just a quick mention… People with piercings are not bad. Its just a piece of metal going through there skin. If you have a problem with that, then why are your ears pierced? I don’t know if any of you have ever heard someone with a piercings moan about other people with piercings, but I have, and its stupid.

What are your opinions about piercings? Like, what (if any) piercings are okay to have? Nose rings, snake bites, tongue rings, earrings, and the like. What do you think if you see someone with more than the normal ear piercing? What about different genders? Last edited: Oct 8, 2013. Oct 8, 2013.

Yeah nose piercings are pretty cool. Your around recommended age too. Some places don't allow you to get piercings (other than the ears) until your sixteen. Nose rings are ok depending on what size you get. Yes they kind of do make you look like a cow and I think it looks kinda trashy if the rings is too big.

Well, finally- I'm asking for YOUR OPINION on piercings- at last! So go on, gimme your two cents worth. Rant or rave. Tell me what you got, what you don't got. What you want, what you hate- tell me your opinion! =) Tags:

What is your opinion on piercings and tattoos? Follow Question; 1 Great Question; Asked by Utta_J (252) April 10th, 2010 Well i want to get two tongue rings and a tattoo or two not now im only 17. But somewhere along the road ( maybe 18 19 idk yet). My brothers tell me that ...

17 September 2011

Personally I don't like them, as I find myself staring at them like they're a zit on someone's face. I haven't had one myself, but its just my opinion of seeing other peopel with them. I imagine they would make you sneeze a lot. I also imagine you'd have a lot of boogers stuck in your nose if you didn't pull the piercing out regularly and clean it.

Need your opinion on piercings. 1,731 Views | 48 Replies. New Topic Respond to this Topic « Return to General | All Forums. 1 2. HellzYeahCCR. Member since: Nov. 25, 2004. Offline. Send Private Message ...

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Could tongue piercings harm your teeth?

Not only do tongue piercings interfere with eating, swallowing and talking, but they can also cause irritation and damage to teeth. The constant contact and pressure the piercing has against the surface of the teeth will cause damage over time.

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Do medusa piercings ruin your teeth?

Do Medusa piercings ruin your teeth?As with other lip piercings, medusa piercings carry a risk of tooth and gum erosion, caused by the rubbing of the jewellery on your teeth and gums. This damage can be prevented by choosing a soft-backed BioFlex labret stud.

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Tattoos and piercings…on your pet?

Tattooing and Piercing Your Pets. That’s right. That’s an actual thing. Now, if anyone knows me, they know I’m all about tattoos and piercings. I’m covered in tattoos and my ears are gauged and pierced multiple times. One of my best friends is a tattoo artist, and my other best friend is covered in facial and other piercings. So, when ...

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Why do your piercings smell bad?

It’s an oily secretion meant to lubricate the skin and make it waterproof. Mix sebum with some dead skin cells and a little bit of bacteria, and you get some really potent smelling piercings! The discharge is semi-solid and smells like stinky cheese. At its worst, you can even wipe this thick discharge off your plugs.

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What do your piercings reveal about your personality?

Piercings are a great way to add an interesting aspect to the exterior of one's body. Some people prefer traditional piercings on their ear lobes, while others are bold enough to get their belly button pierced. So whether you have one piercing, many piercings or no piercings at all, this quiz will tell us a little more about what your personality ...

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What is your opinion about getting meaningless tattoos?

may i ask whats a meaningless tattoo. no tattoos are meaningless to the person getting them to u they may be but you also have no right to make a comment about what another person chooses to do with THIER BODY it may look stupid or meaningless to u but you have no right to say its meaningless . if people would STOP worrying about what others do with thier bodys and worry about themselves and what they do the world would be a happier place. live life inked or not smile and be happy and create ...

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What is your opinion of teachers having tattoos?

More teachers should have them on show. Most of the tattoos I do have some sort of meaning and story behind them, so it could be an icebreaker with some kids.

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What is your opinion on getting facial tattoos?

Facial tattoos look bomb just like any other tattoos. The choice of getting facial tattoos is solely based on personal preference. The pain levels are variable depending on the area and one should consult with their tattoo artist beforehand regarding the same. All in all, every tattoo is perfect, be it in any body part!

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What is your opinion on mixing tattoo styles?

Usually done with a tattoo machine or by wooden sticks which is a traditional hand tapped tattoo. Mixing tattoo styles katrin berndt katrin berndt. I figure if you like different styles it will represent just that. Sometimes called old school this style of tattoo art is the oldest and most well known western form. I agree about mixing the styles.

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What do with your hip piercings when your pregnant?

Hip piercings aren't very practical piercings to begin with. There's a lot of contact and friction in that area so they normally don't even last a year. Just do your research. If you do decide to ...

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Can oral piercings be harming your smile?

These piercings typically involve wearing a piece of stainless steel jewelry in the mouth, which can rub against teeth or gums to potentially cause oral health problems. Oral piercings have the potential to damage both your teeth and gums, especially when worn over a long period of time.

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Can snake bite piercings ruin your teeth?

Can snake bite piercings ruin your teeth? Lucille July 15, 2021 Body Piercing Like all lip piercings that requires jewelry that goes inside the mouth, the snake bite piercing runs the risk of causing tooth damage such as broken teeth , receding gum lines, enamel wear, and tooth decay.

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Can you get piercings while your pregnant?

A word of warning: Women are encouraged not to have piercings done on the belly button, nipples or genitalia during pregnancy or while trying to conceive because of the physical changes happening in your body at this time.

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What are your opinions on dick piercings?

I've hooked up w/ somebody with a lorum done... it's unique and unexpected that's for sure. In my opinion, a piercing on your genitalia + pubic hair = yuck, they don't mix. But to answer your question, it's sexy because it shows the person is an individual who isn't afraid to try new things. treelover Martian.

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What are your opinions on ear piercings?

i love ear piercings, well any piercings actually. i love them on women and men. i love gauges on guys, but probably nothing more. and yes, i have my ears gauged and my second holes pierced. i also have my catiledge pierced. i also have both sides of my nose pierced and my monroe(:

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Allow piercings?

Many jobs allow tattoos, piercings, and brightly-colored hair. Individuality is becoming more accepted in the workplace. Even in jobs where people used to have no option but to their hide tattoos, things are changing.

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Pharmacists of reddit, what is your opinion regarding tattoos?

Pharmacists of Reddit, what is your opinion regarding tattoos? I'm currently a pre-pharmacy student (I'll be a P1 this fall) and I've wanted one on my arm for some time, but I've always been hesitant.

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Are lip piercings actually bad for your teeth?

The harmful effects of tongue and lip piercings on your teeth and gums. Piercings are a popular way to express yourself, but beware! It’s true what they say: tongue and lip piercings can have some harmful effects on your teeth and gums.But, with the proper care and advice from your dentist, you can minimise the damage and maintain a healthy smile while still wearing your oral jewellery.

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Can nose piercings make your nose look smaller?

Piercing your nose will not make it look bigger or smaller; it will make it look special and loved. Don't pick out jewellery to hide your nose: that won't work.

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Can tattoos and piercings really hurt your career?

Can tattoos and piercings really hurt your career? July 13, 2011 · job · 31 Comments Yesterday on Twitter, an interesting conversation developed over this tweet (linking to this article): Here are a few of the responses: Which brings me to my question for today: in terms of presenting yourself at work, where do you draw the line between expressing your individuality and staying professional? It might surprise some people to know that I have 7 piercings (6 in my ears, 1 body) and 2 tattoos ...

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